The last of us prequel game

The Last of Us Prequel Game Was Almost Made by Another Studio

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog almost tasked an unnamed studio to make The Last of Us prequel, Neil Druckmann has revealed. The game would have featured Ellie’s parents.

Naughty Dog also considered The Last of Us prequel DLC

The prequel would have featured the same content that Druckmann previously revealed was considered for DLC at one point. It would have focused on Ellie’s background and parents. While Anna isn’t entirely new to the series, it would have been the first time Ellie’s dad would have been talked about.

To make up for the canned content, Ellie’s mom Anna was more properly introduced in the HBO television series, played by none other than Ellie voice actress Ashley Johnson.

It was Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller who introduced Naughty Dog to the studio that Druckmann talked to for “quite a while” before talks fell through. That it was Miller who introduced the studio indicates that it was an external developer.

Such was Naughty Dog’s dedication to making the prequel happen that it even considered an animated short. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Druckmann understandably didn’t share why talks fell through and why Naughty Dog ultimately canned all plans for the content.