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PlayStation Testing Cross-Platform NFT System in Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been toying with PlayStation NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for a while, but a newly-discovered patent reveals that the company has an interesting new framework for NFTs in games: cross-platform transfers and trades.

How Sony envisions cross-platform PlayStation NFTs

First spotted by SegmentNext, the patent (filed in 2021 but published yesterday) describes a system that enables one gamer to find a unique NFT in a game. That asset can then be used across multiple platforms. What’s more is that Sony wants NFT owners to have the ability to use the asset in other games, too!

“There’s a unique skin in this game that only one gamer/group can find,” reads a hypothetical scenario presented by Sony. “They will then own its NFT and can then use the skin in other games and other game systems/platforms.”

Other scenarios presented by Sony include one where a player becomes the first person to beat a particular boss fight, and is then awarded the right to use “Hunter-Damage Weapons” in other games. Said player can also trade the NFT.

If this patent ever comes to fruition, I imagine Sony’s gonna need to strike a lot of third-party content partnerships to get it to work. Luckily, it looks like Square Enix would be on board.