God of War Atreus actor talks about the series future

God of War Atreus Actor Wants the Character to ‘Grow Into a Man’

God of War Atreus actor Sunny Suljic has expressed his hope for the character to become central to the series going forward. Atreus took a little bit more of the center stage in God of War Ragnarok, but remains in his father’s shadow.

Atreus can go “so many routes” in God of War

Speaking to TheGamer at the recent BAFTA Games Awards, Suljic said that there are “so many routes” for God of War to explore when it comes to Atreus. He acknowledged that Santa Monica Studio’s narrative team has a better idea about Atreus’s future than he does, but he personally hopes to see the character “grow into a man.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to grow up with the character as well, so I feel like I can see myself a lot in the character as well, so I feel like we’re both developing at the same time,” Suljic said.

Suljic has been nominated for several awards for his performance in God of War Ragnarok, ultimately losing to Kratos actor Christopher Judge, but that doesn’t bother him in the least bit. Suljic told TheGamer he’s “excited” and wants to “live in the moment.” He also revealed that he’s formed a father-son bond with Judge in real life.