Silent Hill 2 remake release date window possibly leaked

Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Window Possibly Leaked

Silent Hill 2 remake‘s release date might be set in fall 2023, if a listing by Australian retailer Gorilla Gaming is anything to go by. We’d normally dismiss such leaks as placeholders — and this might just be a placeholder — but previous comments by insiders as well as Bloober Team itself suggests that the game will be out sooner than we think.

Silent Hill 2 release date may be sandwiched in between major fall 2023 games

Gorilla Gaming’s listing claims that Silent Hill 2 remake’s release date will be Friday, September 29. ResetEra users also noted that Play-Asia recently put up the game for pre-order. This follows a peculiar update to Silent Hill 2’s Steam page, as pointed out by known insider Dusk Golem, which saw the game’s release section changed from “TBA” to “soon.”

Back in March, Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno said that Silent Hill 2 is “technically ready.” And although the game wasn’t finished at the time, Babieno said the team was “close” to being done.

Ahead of the Summer Game Fest, Dusk Golem and fellow insider The Snitch both claimed that Konami has already prepper a new trailer for Silent Hill 2. Considering all the above, it’s possible that the remake will release just in time for Halloween.