GTA 6 cast rumor denied

GTA 6 Casting Rumor Denied by Voice Actress

Actress Leslie Lluvet has denied rumors that she’s part of the Grand Theft Auto 6 cast. Fans have been clamoring for information about the game ever since the big leak last September, and in the absence of official news, some folks have been digging up random résumés and contacting actors.

Leslie Lluvet is not part of GTA 6 cast

Lluvet has long been rumored to be the actress behind leaked protagonist Lucia. She has been bombarded with comments and messages from fans, prompting her to address the matter on Instagram. As spotted by a Reddit user, Lluvet took to Instagram stories a week ago to put a rest to the rumor and ask fans to stop bothering her.

“I’m getting bombarded with messages on the new Grand Theft Auto game,” Lluvet wrote. “I’m not Lucia y’all, I’m Zenia from Far Cry 6. Stop messaging me, people lol.”

Prior to this, fans speculated that actor Bryan Zampella was one of GTA 6’s protagonists named Jason. This rumor was eventually denied by an insider, but not before Zampella decided to troll fans by posting photos wearing outfits that resembled scenes from GTA games.

Rockstar Games has yet to announce GTA 6, let alone confirm its cast or gameplay information.