Stranded Deep Update Accidentally Unlocks Easy Platinum Trophy for Players

Stranded Deep Update Accidentally Unlocks Easy Platinum Trophy for Players

2023 has seen its share of broken trophies that don’t unlock, but it’s not often when trophies break in the opposite direction. Stranded Deep is one of those games in the latter category, as users started noticing that its most recent update had trivialized its Platinum trophy.

How to easily unlock the Stranded Deep Platinum trophy

This glitch first surfaced on the PSNProfiles forums where a user was asking if it was normal for the trophies to pop up if their co-op partner had already met the criteria. It was then quickly deduced that players could easily unlock the Platinum if they joined a session where someone else had earned it. This works if the player has unlocked the trophies legitimately or through this glitch, essentially turning it into a viral Platinum.

It is recommended to sift through the server list and find someone who has a lot of time played in the game since a few reports have indicated that using invites yields inconsistent results. It can be tricky and time-consuming to actually get into certain servers, but the trophies should unlock soon after loading in. The pop-ups might also not show up for each individual trophy, so it’s worth checking the trophy section on the dashboard to see what actually unlocked.

The aforementioned PSNProfiles thread exploded in popularity and garnered hundreds of replies with some arguing over the legitimacy of automatically popping a Platinum, while others searched for a viable session. The number of players with Stranded Deep’s Platinum has also skyrocketed, too. According to a snapshot from the Wayback Machine from May 26, 2022, only 915 PSNProfiles users and 0.1% of overall players had the Platinum trophy for the North American version. Those numbers have grown to 2,442 users and 0.3% overall and are still rising.

Many players likely have access to Stranded Deep because it was offered as a PlayStation Plus game (the tier that would become PlayStation Plus Essential) in May 2021. It is also currently on PlayStation Plus Extra. Stranded Deep is not a big title, either, as it comes in at just over 2GB.

This strange bug seems to have existed for some time, too. The last update for Stranded Deep dropped on May 30, meaning this trick seemingly went unnoticed for over a month. The developer has made no public statements about the glitch and whether or not it will be addressed soon.