Everspace 2 on PS5 is a better game because of Game Pass

Everspace 2 Is a ‘Better’ Game on PS5 Because of Game Pass, Says Dev

Everspace 2 developer Rockfish Games has said that PS5 players are in for a “better” game on their consoles because of funding received from Xbox and PC Game Pass. The game is due to release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on August 15, after spending two years in early access on Steam, eventually launching on PC Game Pass this year. It’ll also land on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

How Everspace 2 PS5 version benefitted from Game Pass funding

Rockfish CEO and co-founder Michael Schade told YouTube channel Xbox Expansion Pass that releasing Everspace 2 on Game Pass did not hurt PC sales. On the contrary, Game Pass contributed to much-needed revenue that enabled extra development time for other platforms. “We have a really good deal with Game Pass,” Schade said. He echoed what many others across the industry have said i.e. Game Pass particularly helps small studios and publishers.

“It gets us more visibility, it gets us extra funding,” Schade continued. “You just make a better game and everybody’s happy. Even the Playstation fans on PS5 are getting a better game because of Game Pass.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently attracted controversy when he claimed that publishers “don’t like” Game Pass. A number of studios took to Twitter to show their support for Game Pass, while others pointed out that Ryan was likely referring to major companies like Activision Blizzard, who aren’t convinced that releasing major AAA games on Game Pass is the way to go.