Borderlands Studio Gearbox Making a New 'Family-Friendly' AAA IP

Borderlands Studio Making a New ‘Family Friendly’ AAA IP

Borderlands developer Gearbox Software is apparently working on a new AAA IP with the intention of making it “family friendly.” That’s according to a number of job descriptions that have popped up on Gearbox’s website, some of which also hint at a co-op and first-person game.

Gearbox’s new IP will be a departure from Borderlands

As spotted by folks over at VeryAli Gaming, Gearbox is looking for a lead producer with a “passion for family friendly, cooperative, games.” Interestingly, the job ad mentions Unreal Engine 4, which suggests that Gearbox has yet to pivot to UE5.

The mystery project will be a “large-scale” AAA game, and looking at the job description for a senior UI programmer, we learn that it may be played from a first-person perspective as Gearbox is specifically looking for someone with experience designing first-person games.

Other open job ads found by VeryAli Gaming also mention crafting a “compelling and replayable” game with “engaging” enemies and combat. The job descriptions also mention “progression-related game loops” and monetization strategies, suggesting that the game will have RPG and live service elements.

Gearbox has yet to announce its next project. As of 2021, the company is a subsidiary of Embracer Group.