New Fatal Fury Game Gets Official Title

New Fatal Fury Game Gets Official Title

Like many of its peers, SNK also took to the Evo stage to reveal more about its upcoming fighting games. It announced the title for the upcoming new Fatal Fury game, noting that it would officially be called Fatal Fury: City of Wolves.

What do we know about the new Fatal Fury game?

The new Fatal Fury was initially unveiled last year, although SNK didn’t actually reveal much about it. This year, however, SNK came with much more for fans, giving not only the game’s name, but showcasing a brief teaser trailer for it.

Check out the Fatal Fury: City of Wolves teaser trailer below:

The trailer briefly showcases a few iconic Fatal Fury characters, including Terry Bogard and Rock Howard, but doesn’t show off much else. Instead, it ends with a message that City of the Wolves is “furiously in development,” and asks fans to wait on more information.

Although the Fatal Fury series is a beloved one amongst fighting game fans, the franchise has been dormant for nearly 30 years now. Garou: Mark of the Wolves was the last installment and it launched in 1999 for the Neo Geo before making its way to other platforms later on.