Mortal Kombat's Violence Can't Simply Be Toned Down, Says Ed Boon

Mortal Kombat’s Violence Can’t Simply Be Toned Down, Says Ed Boon

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has said that while he’d love for the game to be streaming-friendly, its violence can’t simply be turned off or toned down. Boon was answering a question about Mortal Kombat’s violent content making it a difficult game for content creators to monetize on sites like YouTube and Twitch.

Violence is part of Mortal Kombat’s definition

Speaking to IGN on the issue of streaming limitations, Boon said that this has been somewhat of a dilemma for him because he realizes the importance of streaming video game content in this day and age. However, he doesn’t want to create a streamer-friendly mode that essentially strips Mortal Kombat off of its very identity.

“Let’s say we had a mode that turned off all the blood or something or didn’t have fatalities or something like that. Part of it is… part of the definition of Mortal Kombat is those things, and so to strip away an entire layer of it, do we really want that to be the main representation that is of the game online?” Boon explained.

Boon added that having some kind of a mode that makes Mortal Kombat streaming-friendly isn’t a “deal-breaker” for him, but if he opts to do something like that, he’d want to be sure that Mortal Kombat retains its spirit.

Mortal Kombat 1 will be released on September 19.