Dredge update

Free Dredge Update Adds Customization & Creepy Crabs

Details for the third free Dredge update have been revealed, showing players what eerie new content they can now experience.

What is included in the third free Dredge update?

The press release notes that players can now customize their boats by speaking with a new character as well as fish for 13 new “twisted crustaceans.”

“Players can speak to the new ‘Painter’ character found in the game’s starting area to choose a flag for their vessel and a new lick of paint, then set sail to search the seas for additional items to spruce up their trawler while hunting for 13 new twisted crustaceans, whose capture will unlock even more customization options,” reads the release.

You can take a look at the new features in the Dredge trailer below:

Dredge was first released this past March and was developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team 17. The game has players assume the role of a fisherman who sails to the town of Greater Marrow to work. They soon encounter strange individuals and occurrences that make them question everything, including their own sanity. Previous free updates added a more laid-back “passive” mode, photo mode, and more.