PS Plus Premium

PS Plus Premium Members Vow to Downgrade After September 2023 Lineup

PS Plus Premium users are taking to gaming forums and social media to vent their frustration over a “weak” September 2023 lineup. The most expensive tier of PS Plus received four classics, three out of which were Star Ocean games.

PS Plus Premium users lament price hike and poor lineup

We previously reported that PS Plus Essential’s September 2023 lineup was panned after Sony announced a sharp price hike for all tiers. Percentage-wise, PS Plus Extra saw the biggest increase. However, it’s Premium users who feel they have been affected the most because the price of a 12-month subscription has hit a staggering $159.99 — all while Sony struggles to make the tier stand out.

Classics catalog remains the biggest allure of Premium, but one year on, Sony’s still somewhat struggling in that department. Folks who are on the equivalent Deluxe tiers in countries without streaming support have it even worse because they can’t play PS3 games.

“You can’t tell me after a huge price increase to premium and then seeing this lineup that Sony isn’t just looking for a reason to kill it,” wrote one Redditor. “Zero real classic games; either PS1 or PSP cause PS2 is just not coming at all,” wrote another.

Some users pointed out that Star Ocean First Departure R was part of Extra and Premium tiers earlier this year and was eventually pulled on May 16. It has now been re-added to PS Plus Premium as a classic.