Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay features fall damage

Insomniac Explains Spider-Man 2 PS5’s Fall Damage Feature

Insomniac Games has shed some light on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s fall damage feature, which was recently discovered at a hands-on preview event. We wondered why fall damage wasn’t mentioned in any of the recent previews until YouTube Caboose mentioned it, and it turns out the feature wasn’t turned on for anyone to notice.

Spider-Man 2’s fall damage is turned off by default

Senior Programming Director Doug Sheahan provided a statement to IGN confirming that fall damage has indeed been added to Spider-Man 2, but it’s an optional feature that’s turned off by default. That explains why Caboose only noticed it while he was messing around with the game’s various settings.

“Something we’re seeing more and more of is that players like to be able to customize their experience,” Sheahan told IGN. “For those players, we added the ability to enable fall damage (fall damage defaults to Off) and even let people tweak how swinging feels with our Swing Steering Assist setting. We hope players who enjoy a deep dive into the details have fun experimenting.”

Insomniac hasn’t explained how the Swing Steering Assist setting works, and Community Manager James Stevenson had a coy response when quizzed about it on Twitter.