PS Store Brings Back Game Ratings

PlayStation Store Brings Back Game Ratings

Sony Interactive Entertainment has a new system for game ratings on the PS Store. As spotted by players, the system is currently only live in some regions, indicating that it’s a fairly new addition that’s still in the process of being rolled out.

PS Store on PS5 now has five-star user-voted game ratings

Sony previously had a rating system of sorts in the past on the PS4, but it wasn’t added to the PS5‘s store for some reason. The new five-star scale shows how many votes players have cast, a percentage breakdown of the votes between one and five stars, and the overall score out of five.

At present, these ratings are limited to the PS5’s store, so they can’t be seen on the web version of PS Store. Folks in the United States and parts of Europe have reported seeing the new system. If you’re outside of these regions and can’t see any ratings yet, then stay put. We don’t see a reason for this to be a limited release.

Players have also reported that not all games currently display ratings. It’s unclear if the system will apply to new games going forward or if Sony will add the ability for players to rate all available games.