PlayStation Portal Pre-Orders Apparently Sold Out in Japan

PlayStation Portal Pre-Orders Sold Out in Japan

Japanese users have taken to social media and gaming forums to report that PlayStation Portal pre-orders have sold out at every major retailer in the country. One retailer has apparently announced a lottery schedule akin to the system introduced by major retailers in Japan when the PS5 launched in limited supply.

PlayStation Portal pre-orders were reportedly sold out within 12 hours in Japan

Japan-based Twitter user Genki JPN, known for sharing gaming market insights from the country, reported that pre-orders were sold out within 12 hours of going live. However, Genki cautioned followers against jumping to conclusions because Japan still has a “massive scalping problem” with PS5 consoles. They believe that the number of Portal units supplied to Japan may have a role to play in pre-orders selling out quickly.

The latter part of Genki’s comment makes sense, especially since PlayStation Portal can be easily pre-ordered via PS Direct in both the U.K. and U.S.A. at the time of this writing. Neither of the two regions is immune to scalpers. That said, some Japanese users have pointed out that handheld gaming is more popular in Japan compared to other regions, possibly explaining the pre-order situation.

Previously known as Project Q, PlayStation Portal will release on November 15.