Spider-Man 3 PS5 Would Be 'Pretty Epic,' Insomniac Teases

Insomniac Confirms Main Spider-Man Going Forward

Insomniac Games has confirmed that its Marvel’s Spider-Man series will return to one main character going forward, and who it will be. In future entries, Peter Parker will take a step back, making room for Miles Morales.

Going back to a solo Spider-Man “felt very natural,” according to Insomniac Games

Insomniac’s Brittney Morris told Gizmodo in a recent interview that passing the torch to Miles felt “very natural,” with Peter taking a step back and Miles evolving. “To me, it shows a great deal of evolution from Miles; at the beginning of the game, we see him struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life,” Morris explained. “By the end, we had Miles carrying the burden of saving the city, and also carrying Pete when Pete wasn’t strong enough to carry himself at various points.”

Spider-Man 2’s dual protagonists served as a bridge to the series’ future, with fellow Insomniac Ben Arfmann adding that having two Spideys was “essential” in Spider-Man 2. “I think pretty early on, we knew that we wanted to have that moment of handing the reins over,” Arfmann revealed. “And as we developed it, as we started to lay down more track leading up to that moment, it just felt more and more right.”