PS5 game streaming

Sony Testing Streaming Feature That Allows Game Replay From Specific Points

Now that PS5 game streaming is live for PS Plus Premium members in supported regions, Sony Interactive Entertainment might be considering adding a feature that allows players to replay campaigns from specific points. A recently-filed patent application suggests that Sony wants to give players the ability to stream certain moments in a campaign.

How PS5 streaming’s game replay feature would work

Spotted by folks over at Exputer, the patent in question was filed by Sony in July 2023 and was published this month. It floats the idea of video games having “trigger points” that players can replay from while streaming, which Sony says would be similar to games that play like interactive movies. Trigger points could be boss battles, alternate endings, alternate storylines, or “quests integral to the storyline.”

In doing so, players won’t be stuck replaying campaigns up to the point they want to experience again, especially in the absence of features like Chapter Select or manual saves. It’ll also save them the hassle of fiddling with save files. Sony says the “trigger points” may be decided by the platform or third-party publisher.

“For example, the platform, publisher, or third-party publisher may associate each trigger point with the start of an activity (e.g., a battle, a boss, a quest, a mission, etc.),” the patent application reads.