PS Plus discount

PS Plus Black Friday Discounts Randomly Applied to Different Users

Sony announced PS Plus discount offers as part of its Black Friday 2023 deals, but there’s confusion over how the offers have been applied to different users. Some subscribers have reported that they were able to renew their subscriptions at a discount, while others have not received that offer at all.

PS Plus Black Friday 2023 discounts have been tailored by marketing teams, claims PS Support

According to the official announcement, those who are joining PS Plus can save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans (presumably for all tiers). On the other hand, current PS Plus Essential members can save 25% when upgrading to PS Plus Extra or 30% when upgrading to PS Plus Premium/Deluxe (from either Essential or Extra tiers).

There’s no mention of any discount when renewing a membership in the same tier, yet a number of folks have managed to avail discounts between 25%-30% when simply renewing an existing membership. Others haven’t, much to their dismay. There seems to be no consistency in how the discount is applied, so it’s unclear what triggers the offer for some and not for others.

One Reddit user contacted PlayStation Support for answers and was told that Sony’s marketing teams have tailored the offers to different players, but PS Support agents are known to be glaringly wrong, so we’re unsure if that’s what’s happened here. For now, it all seems down to luck (or an error, maybe).