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UK Sales Chart: Black Ops 3 Finishes 2015 at #1

FIFA 16 made the most money this year.

UK Sales Chart: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Finishes in 1st, Sells Less Than Unity

Guitar Hero Live outsells Warriors of Rock.

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Continues Its Reign in 1st, The Phantom Pain Crosses 400,000 on PS4

Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army was the best new PlayStation game.

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Sales Rise by 42,000, PlayStation Rules Top 5 in Software

Mad Max doesn’t seem happy with an 11th place debut.

UK Sales Chart: LEGO Dimensions Outperforms Disney Infinity 3.0 & Skylanders SuperChargers

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 debuts in 12th.

Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita Sales Hold Strong, PS4 Drops to Just 4,000

Blame the looming price drop.

Japanese Sales Chart: New Releases Help PS Vita Sales Rise by Over 9,000

But Destiny couldn’t save the PS4 from dropping by over 9,000.

Japanese Sales Chart: Super Mario Maker, Monster Hunter Diary Bump Metal Gear Solid V to 3rd

After a strong week for the PlayStation 4 thanks to Metal GearRead the full article…

Japanese Sales Chart: Metal Gear Solid V’s Big Debut Nearly Triples PS4 Sales

The Phantom Pain sold the most on PS4.

UK Sales Chart: Metal Gear Solid V Is #1, 72% of Sales on PS4

Mad Max was right behind it.

Japanese Sales Chart: Minecraft PS Vita Edition Passes 300,000 Lifetime

There isn’t a single PS4 game in the top 20.

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4, PS Vita Hardware Sales Rise by More Than 3,800 Each

Minecraft PS Vita keeps on selling.

Japanese Sales Chart: Gal Gun Double Peace Moves 11,000 Copies Across PS4 & PS Vita

Nothing could stop Animal Crossing.

UK Sales Chart: Rare Replay Is the First Xbox One Exclusive to Reach #1

Everything else was pretty much the same.

July 2015 PlayStation Store Charts: Journey #1 on PS4, Minecraft Tops PS3 yet Again

Rocket League prequel finishes in 2nd in Europe, despite not being on sale.

Japanese Sales Chart: Splatoon Stays At #1, PS Vita’s Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus Debuts in 2nd

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sells 2,700 copies in its first week.

May 2015 PlayStation Store Charts in North America & Europe Sees The Witcher 3 Dominating

Mass Effect Trilogy and Freedom Wars were #1 in North America.

March 2015 PlayStation Store Sales Charts in North America: Bloodborne Beats Battlefield

Gravity Rush is #1 on PS Vita.

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Sales Rise to Over 21,000, Majora’s Mask 3D Rules the Week

Samurai Warriors 4-II on PS3 finishes in second.

UK Sales Chart: Evolve, Majora’s Mask 3D Finish in 1st & 2nd

Xbox One version of Evolve outsold the PS4 version by 400 copies.