Spend a Day at the Beach in PlayStation Home

August 18, 2009Written by Dan Massi


There are not a lot of outdoor spaces in the massive application known as PlayStation Home. However, the app just got a little more outdoorsy, courtesy of PlayStation Home Asia.

A new beach space has arrived in the Asian version of PlayStation Home. Called the ‘Coast of Memories’, this new space features bright white sand, palm trees, and several homes mounted on top of the water.

You can also get ready to take a dive with all new beach clothes and accessories. Users will now be able to purchase towels, bikinis, bathing suits, sandals, goggles, and more.

Also, a Home space is not complete unless it’s accompanied by a minigame. Your Home avatar will be able to dive in the water in search to swim with the fish. You’ll have an oxygen bar notifying you on when you need to get out.

You’ll be able to download this new space for 14.8MB, a small price to pay for such a fun outing.