Kratos is Thirsty for Blood

October 31, 2009Written by Kyle P.


The God of War series is one of Sony‘s flagship series. Each title brings with it a slew of innovation, creativity, and badassery. God of War 3, the newest title in the series, is hoping to top the standards set by its predecessors. Gamers eagerly awaiting the March 2010 release date are in luck, if they have a European PSN account.

Sticking to their promise, Sony Europe has begun to send out God of War 3 demo codes to European users. The file size itself is a a whopping 2.7 GB and it seems to be the version that was playing at E3.

At the time of this writing, is it unclear whether the download can be shared across PSN accounts; but there is no harm in trying. So, what are you waiting for? Kratos is thirsty for blood!