Infinity Ward Repairing Modern Warfare 2 Bugs

December 6, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


Infinity Ward’s very own Modern Warfare 2 was released only weeks ago, and while a few issues existed in the original release, most of them have been fixed with patches. However, a few glitches have surfaced in the past few days which have spread like a plague in the Modern Warfare 2 community largely due to guides on YouTube and several other websites. However, Infinity Ward have a plan to combat these issues in an upcoming patch.

Robert Bowling, Game Designer at Infinity Ward, has announced that the official 1.05 update has been released on the PlayStation 3 version of Modern Warfare 2. Robert Bowling posted the following on his Twitter account:

Heads up. #MW2 on PS3 just got update 1.05 which includes some improvements to matchmaking. Patch 1.06 is still coming down the pipeline.

Although the 1.05 update looks minor, the new matchmaking improvements have been welcomed by many fans. On the other hand, in direct response to questions regarding what 1.06 will entail, Robert Bowling responded with the following:

#MW2 PS3 update 1.06 is the javelin fix, care package glitch fix, and addresses areas where players could get into geo. Like rocks on Afghan

Hopefully the 1.06 patch will be released in the near future to help combat the hundreds of players exploiting glitches online. Infinity Ward have been prompt with patches in the past so there’s a good chance that the upcoming update should be very soon.