20 Gran Turismo Fans to Live the Dream in a 370z

December 9, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


After years of waiting for millions of fans, Gran Turismo 5 is officially on the horizon. Many fans of the beloved Gran Turismo series are car enthusiasts foremost and enjoy both automotives and racing of all types. The official Gran Turismo Academy is looking to reward a dozen of the most talented Gran Turismo fans with the opportunity to experience what real racing is like in a competitive environment.

The International Gran Turismo Academy is going to be holding a competition starting December 17th beginning with a time trial. As reported a few days ago, Polyphony Digital is going to be releasing an official Time Trial demo of their huge upcoming title Gran Turismo 5 on December 17th. The 20 fans who manage to achieve the best lap times on the upcoming demo will be eligible to race a race-tuned Nissan 370z on a racing track next year. From there, the fan who manages to perform the best with the Nissan 370z will be able to join the official Euro GT4 Cup to race against some of the top drivers in the world.

This huge opportunity is available to everyone who downloads the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 demo on December 17th. For more information, visit the official International Gran Turismo Academy Facebook page or check out the video below: