PS3 Review – Battlefield: Bad Company 2

March 9, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

While the single-player experience has its ups and downs, few will purchase Battlefield: Bad Company 2 looking for a thrilling single-player experience.  This is where the online multi-player experience comes into play.  There are 3 different modes to play online, along with 6 maps, with plenty of DLC already announced.  You will have your choice of Rush, Conquest, and newly created Squad Deathmatch.  Conquest is your typical capture and hold mission, while Rush has attackers and defenders fighting over M-Com stations in a race against depleting reinforcements.   The highlight for me, though, was the Squad Deathmatch, which pitted four 4 Man squads against each other in close quarters combat.  It’s the first squad to 50 kills, and this is a lot of fun, especially if you can find yourself a good squad full of smart players with good communication.

Squads end up playing a huge role in Bad Company 2, like they have throughout the Battlefield series.  Squads have a max of 4 players. The benefit of being in one is that a player can spawn near any one of their other 3 squadmates.  This adds a very strategic element to the game, as facing one enemy can quickly turn into facing 4, and vice versa.  Just make sure to pay attention, because if you are the last one alive in the squad, it might be best to find a quiet spot and let people spawn to you, rather then give up your position.  If you get tired of fighting on foot, the game offers plenty of vehicles for players to try their hands at.  You can go from flying a UAV or Chopper to rolling around in a Tank or APC.

The online here does not have perks, but rather specializations.  These are unlocked by gaining experience with one of the 4 classes in the game: Assault, Medic, Recon, and Engineer.  Each of these classes has a special gadget that it can use; for example, the medic can resurrect people, and the Engineer can repair tanks and other vehicles.  Each class also carries its own set of weapons, with plenty of new weapons to unlock through exp. gained and new ranks acquired.   The game also gives you a choice to play on hardcore mode which gives players less HUD and less health, but increases weapon damage.

The online plays incredibly smoothly considering all the chaos that can be going on at one time..  The online parties also seem to be fixed, so you will always be on the side of the friends you joined up with.  The online really has no glaring issues, as the weapons feels balanced, the classes all have their advantages, and the maps are very well laid out.  The group over at DICE knows how to make a fun online experience that is rewarding for all types of players.

Overall, I feel Battlefield: Bad Company 2 did exactly what it set out to do — compete with the big boys.  While the core gameplay isn’t perfect, the scale and grand design of the title prove to be a huge success.  The single-player story could use a bit more emotion and detail, but is still enjoyable enough to play more than once.  The first time you find yourself running out of a collapsing house looking for cover, you will be hooked.  If you are looking for a good online shooter to waste away hours upon hours playing while earning unlocks, making friends, communicating and destroying the environment, you have just found your match.  Now squad up soldier, its time for battle.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Destructible environments create pure chaos

Online is deep and engaging

Story could use more emotion

8 out of 10

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