Sony Cambridge’s AAA PS3 Game Set For 2012, Will Have Online

March 29, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

We’ve previously revealed that Sony’s Cambridge Studios are working on “a high profile, multi-million selling franchiseā€ for the PS3. Now, a job listing not only points to when the AAA game will release, but also that it will have online capabilities.

2011 is filled with exclusive PlayStation games developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, but if you were worried that they have overloaded the year with games, and left nothing for 2012, think again. The job listing asks for “an engineer to contribute to the studio’s ongoing PlayStation development, on a high-profile title scheduled for 2012 release.” However, it may not see release until the later half of 2012 as the game is still at an “early stage”.

Additionally, the game will almost certainly have online support, with the applicant expected to work on “backend online services” and have a “working knowledge of NP and PSN services on the PlayStation platform, and their in-title integration.”

What the game actually is, is unknown, but it is part of a huge franchise, and is repeatedly referred to as “AAA”. Possible sequels are even hinted at, with the job title allowing for the applicant to “play a key part in shaping its long-term future.”

It’s important to note that the studio never explicitly confirm that the game is their PS3 title – it could be Killzone on NGP – but considering that the listing prefers candidates with PS3 experience, and the fact that the company has recently put up several adverts for other positions on the PS3 team, it’s likely that this is indeed for the PS3.

Are you looking forward to a new MediEvil – the current bookies’ favourite – or are you hoping that the studio is working on a different franchise? Let us know in the comments below.