White Knight Chronicles II Calls Forth Release Dates

April 23, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Almost a year after being released in Japan last July, White Knight Chronicles II has finally been given its official release date for both North America and Europe. The game will grace European shores on May 20th and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. North Americans will have to wait a few months for their copies as D3 Publisher will be releasing the game on August 2nd.

White Knight Chronicles II won’t be coming alone when it releases, as every copy of the game will come with the original title, which will be updated for the sequels new gameplay mechanics.  Online play also makes a return with 4 players able to hop online and tackle quests together or visit each others towns.

While it is a shame to see the delay in the North American release, it’s just great to be getting the game here in North America, at all.