Devil May Cry Collection May go For Style on The PS3

May 31, 2011Written by Zak Islam

The Devil May Cry IP is iconic for PlayStation consoles; starting its birth on the PlayStation 2 back in 2001, the action series has been ever-present on Sony’s platforms. If a source is to be believed, Sony may be preparing an announcement which will see all the DMC titles being remastered for a HD Devil May Cry collection.

According to a Gematsu source, a high-definition Devil May Cry collection will be unveiled for the PlayStation 3 during E3 – whether it’s announced during Sony’s E3 press conference is unknown. However, for an announcement of a HD collection for one of the longest running franchises on Sony’s consoles, the company’s E3 presser is bound to where it’s revealed.

Apparently, the Devil May Cry collection is currently in development to celebrate the franchises’ forthcoming 10th anniversary.

The next Devil May Cry game – a reboot, which is in development by Enslaved creator Ninja Theory – is due for a launch in 2012.