EA Says Battlefield 3 Has No Chance Against Modern Warfare 3’s Popularity

September 12, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The Call of Duty and Battlefield series have been competing for years now, but this year is different. The upcoming Modern Warfare 3 has been the target of skepticism, while Battlefield 3 has been garnering unprecedented pre-release attention. This extremely apparent behavior would make you think that EA has the upper hand this year, but you’ll be surprised what corporate has to say.

During a recent investor’s meeting, EA Chief Financial Officer, Eric Brown, shared some uncharacteristic uncertainty in Battlefield 3‘s ability to compete with the Call of Duty series.

Just to be clear, the [Call of Duty] franchise did about 23 million units worldwide. We don’t expect to surpass them with this year’s Battlefield 3, just to be very clear.

He has a good point in that during this day and age it’s just about impossible to sell better than Call of Duty, but the tides can change. Brand name is in Call of Duty‘s favor, but the entertainment value of each can play a big factor when word of mouth comes into play. Also, Battlefield 3 releases two weeks sooner, so EA has some time before the multi-million dollar advertising campaign appears for Modern Warfare 3.

If you’re planning to pick up either of these titles, share which one you have your eyes on in the comments below.