ICO, Shadow of The Colossus Coming To PlayStation Store This Tuesday

January 13, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Both ICO and Shadow of The Colossus will be headed to PlayStation Network as separate titles this coming Tuesday.

On the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony revealed that both critically acclaimed PlayStation2 titles ICO and Shadow of The Colossus will be headed to the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, January 17th. Both titles will retail for $19.99 each. Whether these releases are the PS2 original versions or the HD versions included in the PS3’s The ICO and Shadow of The Colossus Collection — which, for comparison, retails for $39.99 — is unknown.

ICO and Shadow of The Colossus were both projects of Fumito Ueda’s, who is currently hard at work on PlayStation 3 exclusive title, The Last Guardian, albeit in only a freelance capacityThe Last Guardian still does not have a scheduled release date yet.

Gamers who haven’t yet experienced these games shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to download them at such an inexpensive price.

PSLS readers: Will you be picking up ICO and/or Shadow Of The Colossus on PSN? Let us know in the comments below!