Kirkman Believed The Walking Dead FPS “Would be Pointless” Only a Few Months Back

July 9, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Robert Kirkman, the man behind The Walking Dead comic series spoke outwardly against an FPS set in the popular zombie-infested universe just a few months ago. Ironically enough, Activision announced that very game last week.

In an interview with IGN back in March that focused on Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead, Kirkman shared his thoughts on the possibility of a first-person shooter set within the series, speaking rather negatively towards the idea.

You can play Left 4 Dead. You can play Dead Rising. You can play Resident Evil — those are all great games and I do that, and I think other people should do that. But to do a Walking Dead game that’s just that would be pointless. I think that you would always be compared to that, and you’d either be better or you’d be worse — but you’d be the same kind of game, and that’s no fun.

This is particularly strange considering the fact that Activision and Terminal Reality just announced last week that they’re making a The Walking Dead first-person shooter tied closely to the television show (not the comic). This could turn out to be one sticky situation if Kirkman really is that adverse to the idea.