Metal Gear Rising Special Edition PS3 Coming… to Japan

December 4, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Konami has just unveiled a very exclusive PlayStation 3 console that is adorned with Metal Gear Rising art. Unfortunately for those of us who live outside of Japan, it won’t be available for purchase in our country of residence.

This Revengeance themed PS3 will only be available in Japan and will retail for 31,960 yen when it hits stores on February 21st. The bundle includes not only a custom designed super slim 250GB PS3, it also comes packed with a sleek Metal Gear Rising themed controller and a copy of the game.

If that weren’t enough, download codes for a custom theme and Cyborg Ninja skin will be included in the box. Japanese gamers who have an affinity toward the franchise can’t afford to pass this incredible package up.

What do you think of the console? Do you like the subtle detailing or would you have preferred a more eye-catching and standout design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.