Black Friday 2013 PSN Sale is Coming, “Stay Tuned” for Details

November 25, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


If, like me, you were disappointed by the lack of sales in this week’s PlayStation Plus update, don’t worry. In a comment on the PlayStation Black Friday 2013 deals post on the PS Blog, Crystal MacKenzie, Brand Marketing Manager of Hardware, confirmed that there will be sales on the PlayStation Network. She didn’t give us any hints when it comes to games that will be on sale, just that we should “stay tuned.”

As well, while those in the United States are confirmed to have a 1 year PlayStation Plus membership for $29.99 on Black Friday (limit 2, available “at most retailers”), Canada seemed a little up in the air. Though she didn’t say it would be the same $29.99 offer, Crystal did mention that “there will be a Plus offer in Canada for Black Friday.”

Stay tuned for further details on the Black Friday PSN sale, as well as the Black Friday PlayStation Plus offer in Canada.

Which games do you hope to see go on sale this Black Friday on the PSN? Let us know in the comments below.