Sony on Gran Turismo 6’s Microtransactions: “We’re Trying to Make the Game More Accessible”

December 5, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Just a day after Shuhei Yoshida weighed in on Gran Turismo 6’s optional microtransactions, SCEA Product Manager Ken Chan responded to a few commenters over on the PS Blog.

In one, the person was upset with the inclusion of microtransactions, and even went so far as to say “I’ll no longer be a customer.” Trying to remedy the situation, Ken talked about how the career mode in Gran Turismo 6 remains unchanged:

The career mode you know and love is exactly the same, so you’ll be able to earn in-game currency and unlock additional cars by completing races and challenges. The value of both currency and unlockable cars will naturally increase as you progress. We’re just giving our users the option to purchase in-game currency for instant access to cars and upgrades.

After another person argued how they didn’t think Polyphony Digital would alter the Gran Turismo gameplay “we know and love” in favor of microtransactions, Ken replied:

You are correct! We’re trying to make the game more accessible for those who wants to have instant access to the 1200+ cars and upgrades, but don’t have the time to invest heavily into the career mode.

He then added:

The progression and flow of career mode remains the same where you can earn currency and unlock cars. It’s an optional time saver for instant access.

When it comes to whether or not people who pay real money for credits would be able to use their unlocked cars in online play, Ken said, “Yes, they will be,” before continuing:

However, there is a rating/point system for online play that would ensure horsepower ratings and performances are equal for competitive racing. So regardless of how much in-game credit a user has, they will have to tune up or down their car to quality for a race.

Are you someone who will be playing Gran Turismo 6 because of the included microtransactions? Let us know in the comments below.