Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Exosuit Abilities Detailed

August 11, 2014Written by Alex Co

Possibly the biggest change coming to this year’s version of Call of DutyCall of Duty: Advanced Warfare — mutliplayer is the addition of the Exosuits. Not only will it allow players to jump higher, but it will even give the user new abilities.

Outlined by Activision, here are the Exosuit abilities one can expect in Advanced Warfare. 

EXO ABILITIES: Brand new to Advanced Warfare, you now have the opportunity to augment your exo through additional exo abilities. Unlike the exo movements that every player has, exo abilities are selectable within Pick 13. For a slot, of course. These new exo abilities are activated by the player during the match, and used until the Exo Battery is depleted.

• Exo Shield – A quick-deploy shield attached to your exo’s arm

• Exo Overclock – Increased footspeed

• Exo Stim – Temporary health regeneration beyond normal levels

• Exo Cloak – Short duration visual concealment

• Exo Hover – Short duration hovering in place

• Exo Ping – Shows enemy movement and weapon fire in the HUD

• Exo Trophy System – Destroys incoming grenades and rockets for a limited period of time

The Exo suit will even have its own set of perks, which you can read about below.

EXO PERKS: A slate of new perks impact exo abilities like a perk that suppresses boost so that it’s quieter and as a result a player’s thrusters don’t give away your location on the mini map. Another is the gung-ho perk, which allows players to re-load while sprinting, and shoot while sliding. There’s also exo overcharge, which gives players more energy for their exo battery. Exo Perks take up slots and depend on how players choose to approach their class, but within all customization, there is plenty of flexibility to make your soldier as powerful as you think he can be in the situations you’re playing in.

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