Minecraft: PS4 Edition is “Almost There,” Release Date Announcement Expected Soon (Update 3)

September 3, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Update 3:

Minecraft: PS4 Edition is available today in Europe and North America. Head over here for more information.

Update 2:

Minecraft: PS4 Edition still hasn’t shown up in the PlayStation Store, and according to Mojang’s Jens Bergensten’s Twitter feed (via Reddit), there have been some last minute delays:

Not yet, sorry. A couple of last minute show stoppers appeared, which has delayed everything. Soon™

We’ll keep an eye on the PlayStation Store, but if you happen to notice it’s live, please let everyone know in the comments below.


It turns out you might be playing Minecraft: PS4 Edition today, with Daniel Kaplan saying on Twitter:

“We’re working out some last minute things with Sony and hopefully later today you will be playing Minecraft PS4 on your …PS4! :)”

“And that is for EU and Americas!”

When the game is available on PS4, we’ll let you know. Also, don’t forget that PS3 owners of the game can upgrade to the PS4 version for $4.99 when it’s out.

Original Story:

After missing its planned August 2014 release window, Minecraft: PS4 Edition has had an interesting 24 hours, with the game appearing on the North American PlayStation Store’s mobile storefront with a broken link, then PlayStation France saying in a tweet (now deleted) that it would be out today in Europe.

Well, Minecraft: PS4 Edition is noticeably absent from the European PlayStation Store update, and there’s also no listing for it on the North American PlayStation Store.

There is good news though, as the Xbox One version of Minecraft was given a release date of Friday, September 5. Following this announcement, 4J Studios’ Daniel Kaplan said:

And Sony friends – you will get a Minecraft surprise soon..or maybe sooner?! 😉

He then added:

While we wait for 4J and PlayStation to announce a release date, Exophase has posted the full trophy list for Minecraft: PS4 Edition.

Do you think PS4 owners will be playing Minecraft on Friday?

[Source: 4J Studios via Xbox, IGN]