The Order: 1886 Game Director Thinks People “Are Going to be Surprised by How Solid the Game Performs”

February 16, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


An important part of the third-person shooting gameplay in The Order: 1886, Game Director Dana Jan talked about the game’s cover system with MMGN in an interview recently, revealing that he has yet to see a game that does it quite as fluidly, while also looking as amazing:

We look at a lot of different games in the genre [for inspiration]. A lot of the people at the studio are actually avid shooter players, so we’re very familiar with all of the material. One of the things that kind of stood out for us was, if you’re going to make a game that is essentially based in gunplay, it makes sense to choose the cover genre, because when you engage in a realistic, grounded gun fight, you’re probably going to duck behind something. You’re not going to stand out there in the open like you would in a [first-person shooter]. The fit makes sense for us.

What we did was strive to essentially rival any of the best third-person shooters, from responsiveness, to mechanics, to the simplicity of the controls you’re engaging with, while also upping the game of fidelity. I don’t think I’ve seen a game yet that has a cover system that is quite as fluid or robust as ours, and also looks as amazing. We try to basically account for everything you’d want to do in that situation, and make it as fast and seamless as possible, but also make it look amazing.

Turning to the original delay for The Order: 1886 that saw it pushed from 2014 to 2015, Technical Director Garret Foster brought up how it required some more polish and “other things that we want to identify as a studio,” so they needed those extra months.

Jan then continued that thought by saying people might be surprised just how well the final product will run:

There’s a really scary trend going on right now, where gamers are being penalized by some games that seem rushed. We’ve seen games come out recently that have huge amounts of bugs. We’re really proud of The Order and I think the game’s going to come out and people are going to be surprised by how solid the game performs.

Foster also made a fun comment about moving from developing on the PlayStation Portable to PS4, saying, “For example, an eyeball texture [in The Order] is bigger than all of the memory the PSP can hold.”

The Order: 1886 will be available for the PlayStation 4 this Friday, February 20.

[Source: MMGN]