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Mortal Kombat X


Batman Arkham Knight

Must Play Feb15 Header

Game of the Month and Must-Plays with Community Vote – Febraury 2015

Dead Apotheon in Order to Evolve Xenoverse Fate Warriors.


The Order: 1886 Claims Number One Spot in Australia

Evolve down.


Everything Wrong With The Order: 1886

You have complaints? We have complaints, too!


UK Sales Chart: The Order: 1886 Claims First Place, Evolve Drops to Third

Time to party like it’s 1886.

Review The Order 1

Gamer Academy – The Order: 1886 Trophy Guide

Help Sir Galahad get ‘em all.

Review The Order 1

The Order: 1886 Release Day Screenshot Gallery Blowout

The lighting is incredible.

Most Brutal Header

The Order: 1886 Most Brutal Moments Captured on Video, Sackboy Easter Egg Revealed

Faces smashed, arms broken , and mangled throats…and Sackboy!


Watch The Order: 1886’s First Combat Scenario and First Lycan Battle

Taking down the mad bedlamites, and see the game’s first half breed fight!


PSLS Live – The Order: 1886 Live Stream (Offline)

Sir Galahad is on a live stream!


The Order: 1886 Launch Trailer Rewrites the Past

Get the game tomorrow.


The Order: 1886 Day One Patch Notes Listed, Key Fixes Include “Impacted Save Data”

“As of now, 1.01 is the only patch we have scheduled for The Order: 1886.”

The order revie header

The Order: 1886 Review – Interactive 19th Century Cinema (PS4)

Immersion is the key.

Review The Order header

The Order: 1886 Ending Includes a Mid Credits Scene

Don’t miss it.


Ready at Dawn CEO: Games Coming Out in the Future Will Look “So Much Better” Than The Order: 1886

He’s excited about this generation and how things are going to look better and play better.