Meet the Cast of The Order: 1886 in Latest Developer Diary

February 17, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

With just a few days to go until The Order: 1886 launches for PlayStation 4, developer Ready at Dawn released their latest Behind the Scenes video today, this time focused on the cast and characters.

For a few highlights in the video, you can hear the developers talk about how they wanted the characters to be rugged and battle-hardened at 0:55, with more details on each character shortly after, and a look at the mo-cap process beginning at 3:50.

On the PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya talked about the actors they cast for each role, with the entire search lasting for many months:

Steve West stepped in the shoes of our protagonist, Sir Galahad. He brought with him the balance and stoicism that Galahad exuded as a time and battle-worn Knight.

Alice Coulthard embodies the subtle and complex character traits that define Lady Ingraine; a lady of the Victorian Era with poise and decorum. But behind her facade lies a skilled and deft warrior.

Graham McTavish became the de facto leader when he stepped onto our stage. A favorite amongst both game and movie lovers, Graham is Sir Perceval, one of the most senior, wise, and most trusted members of the Order.

The Marquis de Lafayette was always going to be a tricky character to approach and Frederik Hamel has done the role justice and much more, bringing the needed joviality and levity to balance our squad. And a certain “je ne sais quoi…”

For those of you in Europe, here’s the TV ad you can expect to find:

[Source: PS Blog]