January 2015 Digital Sales Report: PS4 the #1 Source of Revenue, Grand Theft Auto V Ahead of Advanced Warfare

February 26, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


With the January 2015 retail report for the US revealed earlier this month by the NPD, research firm SuperData has given their report on January 2015 through digital channels in the US.

As you can see from the above image, Grand Theft Auto V took home $31.8 million through digital stores (game sales + DLC sales) in January 2015, while new releases Dying Light and Resident Evil Remastered managed $12 million and $10.8 million, respectively.

If you’re wondering about the lack of FIFA 15 on the chart, SuperData explained:

We compiled this initial top 10 list by full game downloads in the United States, which is a starting point for several of our clients’ analyses. The table above then shows you the worldwide revenues for those titles, including both full game downloads and additional content. For that reason, FIFA 15 is not part of it; since it sold its full game predominantly via retail and its additional content revenue was not taken into consideration when compiling the US list. Worldwide, FIFA 15 earned $28.3 million in digital revenues in January, 93% of which was micro-transaction-based.


In terms of overall spending, January 2015 was up 14% year-over-year to $263 million.

For a breakdown, the PlayStation 4 was the #1 source of revenue for digital games at 43%. PS4 and PlayStation 3 combined for 63%, while the PS4 and Xbox One grossed 70% more than PS3 and Xbox 360.

Digging a little deeper, SuperData found that the United States accounts for half the revenue of the top 10 digital consoles games, while Dying Light had 81% of its digital sales in the US.

[Source: SuperData via Games Beat, Games Industry]