Dragon Age: Inquisition Wacky, Rock Jumping Side Quest Revealed

March 19, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Thanks to an alleged BioWare employee who apparently talked to Unseen64, a crazy, lengthy, and well-hidden Dragon Age: Inquisition side quest has just been revealed.

To start the quest, players must travel to the Emerald Graves and head on over to a certain rock. Then, the players must jump on said rock about 50 times, or until the quest “Crystal Grace” is given. The quest takes players into the Hinterlands to collect some rare flowers.

After all the flowers are collected, players must return to the Emerald Graves and the quest will be finished. Some influence will be gained, and, according to the developer, a secret chest will appear somewhere in the game, although no one has found it yet. The above video will give you a walkthrough on how to finish the quest.

What do you think of this slightly wacky Dragon Age: Inquisition quest? Did you complete it yourself?

[Source: Unseen64, ProjectFalconPunch (YouTube) via Kotaku]