Bloodborne Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki Discusses the Game’s Chilling World and Weapons

March 21, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan


Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has said that the game’s world has been designed to give players a sense of fear and terror, and is more chilling than that of Souls. In an interview with PlayStation blog, he explained why the developer created such a world.

There are several reasons why you need a sense of horror in the world, especially with Bloodborne, which has a more chilling world view than Souls. It’s not like horror is something we specifically go for, but it’s important to have that sense of fear and terror because it directly ties into the player overcoming that and enhancing their sense of achievement.

Miyazaki went on to say that the real world is an unkind place and his games reflect that.

My personal view is that the world we live in can be a harsh and unkind place. To create a game world that is always kind to players – that’s not how I see the real world. Whether it be nature or society, it’s often a harsh and unkind environment – so that translates into my games.

Addressing Souls fans who have pointed out that Bloodborne doesn’t feature as many weapons as Souls, Miyazaki said that the decision to include fewer weapons is a part of the overall game design.

In terms of how many physical weapons there are, the amount is less than in a Souls game, but that’s to some extent a decision made due to the game design.

The weapons transform – so one weapon will have various uses and strategies that you can implement. You can also customize your weapon with Blood Gems. There are different types and you can slot in up to three at a time. One gem might have you use less stamina per swing, for example.

Miyazaki also said that customization in Bloodborne “absorbs” the amount of weapons in Souls as players can tailor their weapons according to how they want to use them. So instead of quantity, the game offers variety through customization.

Bloodborne will release on March 24. Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the game.

[Source: PlayStation]