The PlayStation LifeStyle Battlefield 1 Review – Where Is It?

October 17, 2016Written by Mack Ashworth

Battlefield 1 08 555x328

After attending a review event for Battlefield 1, and playing for tens of hours on public PC “Play First” servers, I have a pretty solid idea of how good or bad the game is. However, as I have yet to play the game on a PlayStation system, I’m not able to publish a review relevant to our readers.

PlayStation LifeStyle should have access to the PS4 version very soon. After a thorough testing of both the single-player and multiplayer portions on real world servers and not in a controlled environment, we’ll post the review. We’re making sure that what once we publish the review and give Battlefield 1 the score it deserves, it’ll be based on what you will be playing. This isn’t exclusive to BF1; for games that focus a lot on multiplayer, we’ll aim for them to be tested on real world servers before giving a final verdict — it’s the least we can do for our readers who count on us for quality reviews, and not just being the first ones out of the gate.

Our Battlefield 1 review will be up (hopefully) sometime this week, once we’ve given both the single-player and multiplayer enough time to give it a proper assessment. We’ll also have a ton of videos, articles and even guides leading up to Battlefield 1‘s official release on October 21.

If you’re hungry for Battlefield 1 gameplay, you should check out the videos below.

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