Rockstar Going After GTA Online Cheaters, Will Reset Characters

October 26, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Rockstar Games are going after GTA Online cheaters. Yesterday, players of Grand Theft Auto V‘s popular online mode found their bank accounts reset after using exploits to break the game’s digital economy, and now the developer has set new standards for online play going forward.According to Rockstar, all first-time offenders will get a temporary suspension and a character wipe. If they don’t change their ways after a complete wipe, players will be permanently banned after a second offense.

These changes were detailed on Rockstar Games’ support website in a post titled “Update to GTA Online Suspension and Ban Policy.” Here’s what the Grand Theft Auto developer had to say:

GTA Online suspensions are triggered by a number of factors, including modding in GTA Online, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, manipulating protected game data and code, or interfering with other players’ gameplay experience. Suspensions from GTA Online due to these reasons may be temporary suspensions or permanent bans depending on the severity of the infraction.  If you receive a temporary suspension from GTA Online, the next infraction will result in a permanent ban. If you are temporarily suspended from GTA Online, you will not be able to access GTA Online from the moment you are suspended. Your suspension expiration date is shown on the splash screen after being returned to Story Mode following an attempt to play GTA Online. In addition, your GTA Online character(s) will be reset. All GTA Online progress, property and inventory will be reset. All GTA Online suspension and banning decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Hopefully this will be enough to stop some players from cheating inside of GTA Online. While a harsher punishment will be a deterrent for some, others will continue to cheat as countless other games have shown. Regardless of its efficiency, it’s good to see Rockstar doing their best to create an even playing field online.

(Source: Rockstar Games via VG247)