New Titanfall 2 Update Re-Balances Map Hack and Titans, Adds Solo Private Match

November 5, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


Folks over at Respawn Entertainment have released a new Titanfall 2 server-side update, which attempts to address some complaints about Map Hack and re-balances Titans alongside adding the ability to play private match solo. Here’s what the update brings:

Map Hack:

Re-balanced Map Hack so that player locations will now pulse instead of always on. We’ll continue to look into this boost and will modify it further if it continues to cause frustration.

Titan Balancing:

– Re-balanced Legion.

– Re-balanced Tone.

Due to player feedback we’ve tweaked the balancing on both of these Titans. We’ll continue to watch player feedback and address as needed.

Pilot Changes:

– Anti-Titan and Grenadier weapons once again restore ammo when embarking into your Titan.

– Re-balanced Amped LMGs .

Last Titan Standing:

– Fixed an issue with bad start spawns on Exoplanet.

– Fixed an issue that was causing round 1 to start while people were still connecting.


– Fixed an issue with camos that would result in players not being able to clear the “NEW” message.

Last but not least…You can now play Private Match Solo!

The update is now live.

[Source: Titanfall]