Capcom: You Could Think That Resident Evil 7 & “What Comes Next” Are a New Take on the Series

December 12, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

In an interview with MCV UK, Capcom EMEA Marketing Director Antione Molant revealed that the marketing team first learned of the change to first-person with Resident Evil 7 back in early 2014, shortly after development began.

“It brought a broad smile to the entire crowd because it was a massive change in terms of the game’s perspective, obviously,” he said. “Our first reaction internally was probably the same as the gamers’: ‘How is this a Resident Evil title? How is this going to connect to Resident Evil as a whole?'”

After mentioning how the camera perspective has changed, but the Resident Evil feeling about “being scared to open a door because you don’t know what’s on the other side” is still there, Molant brought up how RE7 and future titles could be considered a new take on the franchise:

We took the direction – starting with 4 – to become more action-based. There’s a crowd for that as well and lots of people loved that. For a long-lasting IP like Resident Evil, you need to re-invent yourself on a regular basis while keeping the core nature of why your game is good. I think the first three Resident Evil games, and the spin-offs, were part of a trilogy. But 4, 5, and 6 presented a departure, with different camera angles and so on. You could think that 7 and what comes next are also a new take on the Resident Evil franchise.

Elsewhere in the interview, Molant said Capcom would love to sell four million copies on day one. He also talked about their expectations from reviewers. “We’d love to have only 9s or 10s, but I’m sure we’ll see a few 8s as well,” he said.

[Source: MCV]