Gran Turismo Sport Beta Update 1.08 Adds Wear and Tear

July 10, 2017Written by Martin Patiño

Gran Turismo Sport GT Sport

Polyphony Digital has released a new update for the Grand Turismo Sport beta, 1.08, that adds several new features that add more realism to the game including mechanical car damage, tyre wear, and more.

Here are the release notes for the latest beta update:

Main features implemented

  • Time penalties will now be incurred if collisions between cars take place under certain conditions
  • The issue that caused camera settings to be reset when restarting a race has been fixed

Other improvements and adjustments

  • Various issues have been addressed.

Furthermore, after this patch has been applied, we are planning to hold races that feature tyre wear, fuel depletion, and car damage

The updates will make racing in the game more difficult as there are more things for the player to keep tabs on and manage.

Gran Turismo Sport is scheduled for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on November 16, 2017.

[Source: Gran Turismo via Cogconnected]