Bad Gamers: Ep 23 – Assassin’s Creed IV, PS4 Online Subscription, Game Giveaway

Da Da Da Dafoe.


Bad Gamers: Ep 22 – Industry Layoffs, the PS4 and the Future of Sony

We love our job.


Bad Gamers: Ep 21 – Kaz Hirai, The Love Box and the PS4

Enter our love box.


Bad Gamers: Ep 20 – An Interview Like No Other

Sense of humor required.


Bad Gamers: Ep 17 – Sony, PSN Outage and Unemployment

Insert homeless Dan joke here.


Bad Gamers Ep 15: Could the PS4 be a Trojan Horse for Sony’s Cable TV Killer?

Kill it with fire!

BadGamers HappyNewYears

Bad Gamers: Ep 14 – Going Out with a Bang

Goodbye 2012


Bad Gamers Ep 13: The Biggest Names in the Games Industry

Give this as a Christmas present to your family.

BG - SonicRing

Bad Gamers: Ep 12 – The Five Golden Rings, SEGA & the PS4

Get it before it’s all gone.


Bad Gamers 11: Metal Gear Solid V and the Next Generation of Games Unveiled

Guest starring Kojima!… Ok, that was a lie.

BG PS4 720

Bad Gamers: Ep 10 – PS4 & Xbox 720 Release Dates

From the ashes of a turkey, Dan returns.


Bad Gamers: Wii U Listen to This? Sony’s Quest for the Core Gamer

Getting to the core of the problem.


Bad Gamers 8: Websites That are Hurting the Games Industry

Our riskiest episode yet.


Bad Gamers Ep 7: Giving Up on The Last Guardian

At least we have Agent…


Bad Gamers Ep 6: Batman On Why the Vita is Struggling

Remember, this is your fault for asking for it.


Bad Gamers V: Assassin’s Creed Fatigue and Halo 4 Art

The greatest podcast series on PSLS.

Bad Gamers Ep 4 Logo

Bad Gamers: Ep 4 – A Drunk Discusses a PSASBR Tournament

Literally our best show yet.


DualShock & Awe #16 – Let’s Make A (PlayStation) Baby

NSFW! OMG, what is wrong with Jesse?!

Bad Gamers Ep2

Bad Gamers: Ep 2 – Finding a Gamer Girl

Explicit – Do not try this at home.


DualShock & Awe #15 – Autotune Ahead!

Is PSLS big enough for two podcasts? Let’s find out, the hard way.