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Amazon Game Studios

Christoph Hartmann, Former 2K Games President, Joins Amazon Game Studios

Amazon just keeps building.

Amazon Video Game Deals

Miss Prime Day? Check out the Amazon Video Game Deals This Week: July 24, 2018

Check these deals if Prime Day disappointed you.

Amazon Video Game Deals

Amazon Responds to Pirated Games Being Sold on Their Platform

Buyer beware.

amazon psn codes

PSN Cards Reappear on Amazon After Long Absence

Splash the (digital) cash

Amazon prime day video game deals

Check Out All the Amazon Prime Day Video Game Deals

Tons of great deals on games, hardware, and accessories.

Dreams release date

Rumor: Amazon Italy Leaks Bloodborne 2, Splinter Cell, and a Dreams Release Date

Real leak? Or estimated guesses?

Amazon Video Game Deals

Check out the Amazon Video Game Deals This Week: June 8, 2018 – God of War, Ni no Kuni II, and More

Find the best deals on video games right here each week.

the sims 4 ps4 review

Listings for Possible The Sims 4 Console DLC Leaked

Tons of options for all players.

The Sins of The Father – Inside Eden’s Gate Far Cry 5 Short Film Review

Get hyped for the game with a prequel short film.

Inside Eden’s Gate, the Far Cry 5 Prequel Short Film, is Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Find out what’s really going on in Hope County.

Horizon Zero Dawn writer

Here’s a Look at Amazon’s Top 10 Best Selling Video Games of 2017

Call of Duty finds another spot in a best selling list.

Costume Quest Cartoon Announced for 2018 Release On Amazon By Netflix’s Castlevania Studio

The team is “truly happy” about it.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Action Video in Collaboration With Amazon and Twitch Announced

In case you needed more shootbang!

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Amazon’s Best-Selling Holiday Video Games Were Pokemon, Final Fantasy XV

FFXV is currently $40.

Amazon Post-Christmas Digital Game Sales Has Discounts of 50% and More

Lots of great deals!

PS4 Price Drops to $299 Ahead of PS4 Slim Launch Next Week

It’s the same price as the slimmer PS4.

Amazon Is Selling a Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition Without the Game

No, really.

Here’s Some of the Amazon Prime Day 2016 PS4 Video Game Deals

Doom, Far Cry Primal, Borderlands, and more on offer.

Amazon Prime UK Identifies GTA 5, FIFA 15 and More as “Exclusively for Prime Members”

Amazon has since corrected the bizarre issue.

Amazon Japan to Begin Shipping Games Internationally

Doesn’t extend to third-party suppliers.