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Amazon’s Acquisition of Twitch is Now Officially Complete


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs for PS4 on Sale for $35.99 on Amazon Today Only

40% gets hacked off the retail price.


Amazon Acquires Twitch for $970 Million

$970 million dollars!


Report: The Last of Us PS4 Bundle Spotted Online

The last PS4 bundle you’ll need?


inFamous Second Son for $35 All Day, Other PS4 Games on Sale

A shocking deal.


Amazon Video Game Gold Box Lightning Deals Event Today

Great deals on great games all day.


$20 Off Tomb Raider for PS4, $10 Or More Off Other PS4 Titles

Save a few bucks.


At Peak Sales, Amazon Shifted More Than 1,000 PS4s and Xbox Ones a Minute

But how many of each?


Today’s Amazon Gold Box Includes PS4/Xbox One Games, Starts at 8:10AM PST/11:10 AM EST

Fingers crossed.

assassinscreedivblackflagscreenshot1 Discounts Multiple PS4 Games by Over $10, Plus $20 Off PS4 Essentials Pack w/ Knack and DualShock 4

Includes Assassin’s Creed, Killzone, Battlefield, and more.


Amazon Announces Prime Air: A New Delivery Method Using Unmanned Drones in the Future

The future is… still a couple years away.

amazonps4buy2get1free’s PS4 Game Buy 2, Get 1 Free Offer Starts Tuesday, November 12th at 9AM PST

Dealness awaits.


Here’s What Hundreds of PS4s Look Like

Taco Bell has given away 4,000 PS4s so far, find out which state had the most winners.


GameStop Contacting Those Who Pre-Ordered Watch Dogs PS4/Xbox One Bundles, Offering Alternatives

Amazon customers will still get their PS4, just without Watch Dogs.


Amazon UK Gives Early PS4 Pre-Orderers the Chance to Upgrade to a Bundle

Spend more.

Amazon is coming

Daily Reaction: The Amazon Games Console – A Threat Analysis, and New Dev Details

It’ll be amazoning


Today May Be the Last Day to Pre-Order the PS4 on Amazon

Don’t let the chance to own one at launch pass you by.


PS4 Outsells Xbox One on Amazon As Launch Day Stock Runs Out

The battle for Day 1 is over.


Check Your Inbox – More “Launch Day Edition” PS4s Coming from Amazon

Did you “win?”