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PlayStation Communities App Available Tomorrow on iOS & Android

PlayStation app, PlayStation Messages app will get updates tomorrow.

Free-to-Play Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Mobile Game Unlocks Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Rewards

Including skins and relics.

PlayStation Messages App Available on iOS and Android, Lets You Check Friends List & Send Messages

PlayStation App loses the messaging feature.

Daily Reaction: Ouya’s Downfall and the Home Console Market

There will be crab cakes and funeral potatoes at the wake.

PlayStation App Update Adds Ability to Scan and Enter PlayStation Network Cards

Android version of the update also allows the PS Store to be opened through the app.

Clock Tower Creator Announces Spiritual Successor “Project Scissors,” Coming to PS Vita, iOS and Android

Masahiro Ito from the Silent Hill franchise, and even The Grudge and Ju-on director, Takashi Shimizu are on board, too!

Daily Reaction: What Will PS Mobile Mean for Sony, Vita and Android?

Sony goes mobile….again.

Introducing the PSLS Android App Beta, Help Design the App!

What do you want on our app?

PSLS Android Live Wallpaper is… Live!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here! The PSLS LiveRead the full article…

PlayStation Certified Tablets Officially Announced by Sony

First-ever tablets to feature PlayStation Suite. Pretty sweet, eh?

PSLS Goes Mobile: Apps Now on iOS, Android and More

We let you know recently that we launched an app on AndroidRead the full article…

Hirai: PlayStation Suite Could be Google TV Killer App

During the PlayStation Meeting event that happened in Tokyo, Japan on JanuaryRead the full article…

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY May Call Verizon Wireless Its Home

As of late, any excitement involving Verizon Wireless has been directly relatedRead the full article…

Xperia Play to Get Super Bowl Ad Debut

Everyone has assumed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, formerly known unofficiallyRead the full article…

Xperia Play Commercial Leaks Onto Web

In what is quickly becoming the worst kept secret ever, Sony Ericsson’sRead the full article…

Get the PlayStation Android App In Any Region (US Users)

The official PlayStation App for iPhone and Android has been released inRead the full article…

Official PlayStation Android and iOS App Out Now in UK

Sony has released the official PlayStation app for Android and iPhone usersRead the full article…

PlayStation Android and iPhone App Coming to the US

Late last year, the European PS Blog announced that an official PlayStation App would be coming to the Android and iPhone mobile operating systems. No word was given on a US version, but now it looks like it’ll be a matter of time.

PlayStation Phone to Hit as Early as Spring 2011

We’ve seen photos. We’ve seen video. While Sony themselves have been silent on all facets of the PlayStation Phone, it doesn’t mean that others are so quiet.

Customize Your Android Phone with a PS3 XMB Live Wallpaper and Icons

Got an Android smartphone? Use our tutorial to give it a custom PlayStation XMB theme.