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Destiny Update Today Corrects Issues Discovered With The Dark Below

Iron Banner starts up again today.


Bungie Bans Destiny Players for Using Modified Consoles

Modded “boxes” not permitted.


Bungie Talks Destiny The Dark Below DLC Requirements, Says Next Week’s Heroic Activities Will Feature Launch Content

The Iron Banner next week won’t feature new maps from The Dark Below.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & Destiny Are the Two Best-Selling Games of 2014 in the US

Skylanders is the #1 kids franchise.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for December 12, 2014 Revealed, Exotic Upgrades Included

Lots of Exotic weapons and gear available now!


Destiny PvP Mode Without Supers and Radar Hinted at by Bungie via New Grimoire Card

“Only kills earn points.”

Eris The Dark Below Destiny

Destiny: The Dark Below Eris Location and Items

Awesome new items!


Destiny Racing Mode Hinted at by Bungie

“It’s definitely an idea that has come up at the studio.”


Activision Responds to Destiny Non-DLC Owners Unable to Access Strikes

“All existing Strikes and maps are still accessible.”


Your Destiny Character & Progress Will Carry Over to Destiny Sequel, Bungie Confirms

They didn’t comment on a release window for Destiny 2.


Crash Course – Destiny Map Guide for Rusted Lands

Learn how to dominate Rusted Lands in Destiny.


Destiny Update Adds The Dark Below Support, Fixes Bugs

No word on whether it fixes the issue of not being able to log into the game on PS4.


PlayStation Experience – Destiny The Dark Below Trailer Shows the “Undying Mind”

Why won’t you die?


Bungie Talks New Destiny Crucible Playlists, Crota’s End, Exotics, Iron Banner & More

Slaughter Rules makes sure no one dominates too heavily in the Crucible.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for December 5, 2014 Revealed, Read Up on Exotic Talent and Upgrade Changes

Read up on Exotic item changes while you’re at it, Guardian!


Destiny Third Subclass Slot Explained by Bungie

It’s not what you’re expecting…


“Absolutely No Plans” to Do Destiny Raid Matchmaking Right Now, Says Lead Designer

They want to look at the LFG-style mechanics.


Destiny The Dark Below Launch Trailer Released, Demos What to Expect From the Expansion

Enemies, new weapons and gameplay await you.


Destiny Update Preview Details Changes to Exotic Upgrading, Crucible & Much More

All of this is in preparation for The Dark Below.


PlayStation-Exclusive Destiny The Dark Below Content Detailed

Ride with the 4th Horseman shotgun, kill the Undying Mind.