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Destiny Composer Martin O’Donnell Terminated From Bungie “Without Cause”

Bungie says: “Today, as friends, we say goodbye.”


Destiny E3 PS4 Demo Ran on “Super Secret Dev Kits,” Engine Lets Bungie “Squeeze Every bit of Awesome out of Every Platform” (Update)

“There is so much more about this game that we can’t wait to reveal.”


Bungie’s Destiny (PS4) – E3 Preview: Hands off, Details Light

It was the PS4′s Destiny to win.


Daily Reaction: The Future of Bungie’s Destiny on Xbox 720 and PS4, Timed Exclusives and the PS Meeting

Stealing Sony’s thunder will only backfire.


Bungie’s Destiny to be Revealed This Sunday, February 17th

Destiny is officially called Destiny.


Naughty Dog Plays Nice With Other Developers, Shares Ideas

Ending world hunger. Curing all diseases. Preventing catastrophic climate change. World peace.Read the full article…

Next Bungie Game Might Show Some Steampunk Love [Update: It Won't]

Update: Bungie’s Liz Spain told Gamespot: We were actually shooting for anotherRead the full article…

Pachter: E3 2011 Could Be The Best Yet

E3 2011 is mere weeks away now, and the entire industry isRead the full article…


Bungie Jumping into MMO Genre

After Halo developer Bungie struck an absolutely astounding 10-year partnership deal withRead the full article…

Did Bungie Just Out Naughty Dog’s Next Project?

Bungie, the studio famous for the Halo franchise, are very friendly with other developers across the country. While they’re working on their own multiplatform game, did they just out the game of their friends?


Bungie On The Lookout For PS3 Engineers

It has been known for a while now that Bungie is goingRead the full article…

Bungie Creating Entirely New Engine for Activision Game

With Halo: Reach finally releasing to a very grateful public, it’s time for Bungie to end one chapter of their story and start a new one. Although we don’t know anything about it, the good news is their next game is officially in development.