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destiny dreadnaught

Bungie Continues Crackdown on Destiny Cheaters, Shows off The Taken King’s Dreadnaught

Banhammer dropped.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for July 31-August 2, 2015 Listed

Pick up the weapon, as it’s getting a buff soon!


Destiny Hotfix Arrives in August, Includes Husk of the Pit Fix

Includes Nepal aid campaign rewards as well.


Destiny: The Taken King Adds Suros Arsenal Pack Pre-Order Bonus

Everyone else can access it on January 1, 2016.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for July 24-26, 2015 Listed

He has a weapon this time!


Destiny Update 2.0 Will Nerf Thorn and Gjallarhorn, Make Changes to Base Weapons

Bungie reveals all the details.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for July 17-19, 2015 Listed

Erm… Xur?!


Destiny Update 2.0 Arrives With The Taken King, Introduces Big Changes to Quests

They’re increasing the number of Bounties you can carry!


Destiny Xur Location and Items for July 10-12, 2015 Listed

Time for Plan C!


Unlock the Destiny Laurea Prima Emblem by Completing Moments of Triumph

Watch their Conversations With Creators video and their Year One video.

Tobias Funke David Cross

Arrested Development’s “Tobias Fünke” Was Once Hired to Bring Jokes to Destiny

Thinks the script is “boring as s***”.


Report: Your Destiny Red Bull Codes for The Taken King Might Not Work and Here’s Why

Apparently, they’re a little too easy to guess.


Bungie Lists What’s Included Inside Destiny: The Taken King, Will Prove That It’s “More Than DLC”

Year One details coming on 7/7.


Destiny Xur Location and Items for July 3-5, 2015 Listed

Universal, baby!


Bungie to Answer Destiny Questions With The Taken King

“And it’s now because of players and their actions that the events of The Taken King take place.”

BG Halo Killer

Bad Gamers: Ep 127 – What Happened to the Halo Killer?

A match made in history.


Bungie Talks Destiny: The Taken King With PlayStation LifeStyle

Subclasses, weapon balancing and more discussed.


Warframe Devs Take a Subtle Shot at Destiny, Add Free Emotes

Clap and shrug.


Now Loading…Destiny The Taken King Pricing and How It Should Be Valued

What’s worth $40 to you?